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Our foundry team has extensive experience in producing a wide variety of castings of various sizes, complexities, and materials. We specialize in low quantity orders and prototypes. Our manufacturing capabilities are listed below:

  • 54,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and separate pattern storage, cleaning facility, and pattern shop
  • Gray and Ductile Iron castings ranging from 150 pounds to 50,000 pounds
  • 54”  Cupola that can produce 12-14 tons per hour
  • 15’ x 32’ Blast Booth for cleaning large castings
  • Core-intensive, large castings are no problem
Ferrous Capabilities

Gray Iron – Tensile Strengths from 20 KSI through 50 KSI 

  • Pour Weights from 75# to 50,000#
  • Special Alloys as Required

Ductile Iron – Grade 60-40-18 to 100-70-03

  • Pour Weights from 125# to 27,000#
  • All Grades of ADI and Special Alloys as Requested
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