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Exciting Times at De Pere Foundry

From a new website to new foundry floors many things are either new or are being renewed at De Pere Foundry, Inc.  Last month we told you about our new website, but that is not all that is new at De Pere Foundry.  In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, De Pere Foundry has many changes to be happy about.

A NEW PATTERN STORAGE BUILDING: Along with new work and new customers, comes new tooling.  We are nearing completion of a brand-new pattern storage building.   The building is 40’ x 100’  and will solely be used for pattern storage.

Pattern storage is a challenge for all foundries, but even more so when you make castings that are as large as 50,000 pounds!

We are pleased to make this addition to the foundry that will help us organize and safely store the many new patterns we have acquired at De Pere.

This new pattern storage building is just one of the new improvements at De Pere.

storage building

A NEW CHARGE HOIST: We installed a new charge hoist to our charging system to help eliminate loading problems during the charging process.  This new addition will reduce costly downtime that hinders on-time delivery to our customers.

charge hoist

A NEW FOUNDRY FLOOR: As part of a “Lean Manufacturing” initiative, our employees recommended making changes to the foundry floor, including removal of the huge iron leveling plates (see below-left) in the mold making area. 

The new floors helped reduce mold making and transporting time within the foundry.  

collage of new foundry floor

The new foundry floors also make space optimization much easier.  

foundry floors

Being “Employee Owned” all of our employees contribute to the betterment of our foundry by expressing ideas and striving to improve on all facets of our business including, safety, quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.

We would be happy to assist you with any iron casting projects you may be working on.  Send us a “Request for Quote” today.  We look forward to serving you.

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