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A New Year and New Website at De Pere Foundry, Inc.

The De Pere Foundry, Inc. team would like to wish you a safe, healthy, prosperous, and happy New Year. We send our sincere condolences to all who suffered the loss of loved ones, businesses, or employment for any reason. 

Along with celebrating a New Year, we are launching a completely new website. We trust you will find it more informative and useful in making your iron casting purchasing decisions.

Likely, everyone on the planet was glad to see 2020 go away and see the expectations of a New Year begin. Let us hope 2021 is a much better year for us all. 

Having a better year will be a tall order at De Pere Foundry, Inc. Despite all the restrictions and closing that resulted from Covid-19 throughout the United States, De Pere Foundry, Inc. had a terrific year for sales, production, safety, quality, on-time delivery and capital improvements.

De Pere Foundry, Inc. is an “essential business” and has continued to stay in full operation throughout the pandemic. We continued to add to our customer base and diversify our product line. We are still capable of meeting all your gray and ductile iron needs. We have the capability of making parts ranging in size from 150 pounds to 50,000 pounds and are ready to serve you.

Some of the exciting new things that happened in 2020 and that we are in store for at De Pere Foundry in 2021 are as follows:

  • Quality Improvements:
    • We made good progress on achieving our ISO 2001-2015 certification in 2020 and will finish that process in 2021. Much of the work done was employee training, process controls and documentation.
  • Capital Improvements:
    • A new Charge System was installed on the cupola. This new system will ensure greater reliability and accuracy to our cupola charging system.
    • A new concrete floor was poured inside the foundry. This addition was made at the suggestion of employees to improve lean manufacturing, floor space utilization, and casting quality.
    • New lighting was installed throughout the facility to aid in the manufacturing process.
    • Along with new customers come new patterns. A new 4,000 sq. ft. pattern storage building is currently being erected to accommodate all the new patterns we have received.

Though we had an overall good year in sales, 2020 did not come without some challenges. We enjoy providing great service and the opportunity to build strong relationships with our customers and potential customers. Normally, part of that relationship building includes in- person visits from our sales and management staff to ensure we are meeting all our customers’ expectations. Due to the pandemic, those efforts were cut short in 2020. We are optimistic that at some point in 2021, we will be able to resume some of that activity.

Once again, from all of us, happy New Year! We encourage you to review the new website, and please contact us directly to learn more about what De Pere Foundry can do for you!

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